Vision and Mission

The Truth often Hurts and Offends.

Most people haven’t realized it yet but they have the most information there ever has been accessible before at their finger tips. More information than the whole human race ever had in all its existence. Very few people use it. And most of those who use it think the pure existence of access to resources and access to markets will bring them instant wealth. Others think “Information” is a nostalgic movie on Netflix. And then there are those who think to be poor and beaten up is a virtue. We say, do what you will. 

95% of people refuse to learn and refuse to put in effort to reach their goal for whatever reason. What is their goal in life, what is their purpose anyway? They think they deserve a life in instant luxury with the newest gadgets. They pretend and show off that they have it all. They compete over virtue signaling and flashing their “wealth” without showing you their debt level or pawnshop receipt.

And then there are the “Get Rich Quick” people. Start trading and make huge amount of money. They think only because they woke up in the morning they can beat Wall Street. They don’t realize that the whole game is totally staged against them. Introducing broker and broker want you to trade huge amounts of money and as often as possible because that is making them money. The Market Makers will take out your stops. The “Get Rich Quick” people will do the 90/90/90. What does that mean?

90% of the traders will lose 90% of their account within 90 days. And the broker and the introducing broker say: NEXT. They are here to take your money. You also have to fight the ALGOS, computerized algorithms. Be careful out there. You try to Bird Watch in Lions country! There is no short cut to education. Trading is a profession. A very skilled one.

We truly Believe in our Vision of:

  • Free Markets, Capitalism as the best to bring wealth and progress to billions of people.
  • Small Government because we believe that the people don’t need others to think for them. 
  • Governments shall make sure that we stay free in all respects, and the playing fields are leveled and laws are the same for all people.
  • We believe in free contracts and competition. Free Choice and Free Speech.
  • Financial education and taking your investments into your own hands are key to wealth.
  • We believe in regional independence and diverse autonomous countries, sovereignty.
  • Some cultures are better than others.
  • We believe in the God given right to defend yourself, your family and your property with all means necessary. Your home is your castle.
  • In God we trust.

We founded the Calgary Option Project as our Mission.

We are the Option Crusaders.

We search our world for opportunities. We know there are endless opportunities. One for everyone to find. We think we found it in Option trading. We want to demonstrate that it is possible to start from the bottom and work yourself up the mountain, overcome challenges and sheer cliffs to access the valley of pure beauty.

  • Educate yourself. It costs time and money, there are no short cuts.
  • Practice live trading, start small
  • When you get beaten up, stand up and try again.
  • Grow slowly
  • Become a fanatic in what you do. Be Best!
  • Establish a plan, benchmarks and milestones
  • Establish mechanics to follow
  • Document
  • Repeat
  • Help others